I finished a band sampler RR piece from last year. After Christmas will be my time to do the finishing of the Sampler into a bell pull.


I just had to add the flowers and birds to the bottom tip area. Since there were six stitchers in the group I knew I needed 2 more birds. Instead of 4 fat friends it became 6 fat friends.

I also worked on another round of the Band Sampler RR for this year.


This is for Karen’s Sweetheart Tree Summer Band Sampler. It looks so pretty in person. All the colors are off in my picture.

Another girl in the lab that I work at is having a baby. I finished one of the gifts that I am knitting for her. The Rabbit and sweater, the blanket it not quite done yet.


I also finished a tunisian crochet washcloth, it is made out of a very soft yarn, Bamboo Silk so it is very soft and drapey.


I am just starting to learn some of the different stitches that are part of the tunisian crochet repertoire. I have been crocheting since I was 14 or 15 years old and I never tried this kind of crocheting before. Well I guess it is never too late to learn something new.

Well that is what I have finished since the last post. I have been working on a crop sweater for my daughter for Christmas which is about 2/3 done. It is a real fast knit although the directions were a bit difficult to decipher until I go used to them. I am also stitching on a project I started way back in January, Nora Corbett’s “R” also for my daughter but she will probably not get this until her next birthday.

No new RR’s for the new year. I just need a small break due to some stresses at home and work. I will try to get more of my own personal stitching, knitting and crocheting done in the New Year.

I may get another posting done before the new year, but if I don’t I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.


Although I have been working on some round robins and had a WIPocalypse finish, I was still able to stitch on one of my crazy january pieces.

Here it is so far (An Humble Heart)

It looks like a spooky heart shape skull at the moment.

I finished the 2nd clue in the Casablanca Shawl KAL.  It looks good!  I even started the 3rd clue today.  It is going pretty fast.

Here is a picture of Clue 1 & 2:

Casablanca shawl clue 1 & 2

Casablanca shawl clue 1 & 2

And here is a look at my Medieval Sampler that I designed.  It is coming along.  Just a few more letters to go and then the bottom motif and beading.

Medieval Sampler

Medieval Sampler

This summer, I hope is going to be productive.  I do want to work on my UFO & WIP piles.

I think I have too many projects going right now. So progress is slow on all. I need to make a rotational schedule so I am more productive. I would like to finish at least 3 projects before the end of the summer.

I’m not quite sure which ones to focus on.

I have 3 knitting projects and 4 cross stitch projects going right now.

  • Casablanca shawl
  • Goddess Knits Anniversary Mystery Shawl
  • Tidal Wave Socks
  • Book of Ink Circles Mystery
  • My Medieval sampler
  • My Traditional sampler
  • Carnation Mystery Sampler

My Tidal wave Socks are 3/4 done so I will probably finish those for sure. I would like to finish my Medieval Sampler this summer. Now I need to pick one other project to finish – I am leaning toward the Casablanca Shawl.

Casablanca Shawl