It’s been awhile…

July 13, 2013

Lot’s of stitching and knitting going on since I last posted.

My finished knitting projects:DSCN0312 This is from a mystery KAL on Craftsy. I made this from the kit sent to me when I signed up for the KAL. When I finished it I gave it to my daughter.DSCN0315 I liked the pattern so much I purchased some more yarn (the same yarn that I had in the original kit, because it is so soft) and made a second hat for my son.DSCN0327 These beaded cuffs were made from a kit that was offered through one of the Craftsy classes “Knitting with Beads”. I gave these to my daughter for her birthday. She has been wearing a black leather cuff lately and I thought these would give her some more options. My favorite it the beige one, it is made with fingering wt yarn. The black one is made with lace wt yarn and this is the one my daughter Rachel seems to wear the most.

Now for stitching projects:

DSCN0286DSCN0293 These are the last two rounds of the Band Sampler RR from 2012 which I stitched for 2 of my fellow stitchers.
DSCN0359 These are the last bands I had to stitch on my own Band Sampler RR when it returned home to me.

DSCN0356 This is my entire Band Sampler now completely finished.


DSCN0330I began this project last year as part of the Crazy January 2012 Challenge. I put it down for more than 9 months and picked it up again at the beginning of this year.  I finished it  3 weeks before my daughter’s birthday this year so I decided to get it framed right away and I gave it to Rachel on her birthday in May.

DSCN0363This project is a Mystery Lizzie Kate SAL I started in June.  Part One is finished and I am now waiting for Part Two.  It is called Song of the Seasons.

I decided to try doing a loose rotation this year to see if I could get more stitching and knitting finished.  I am making a little progress.


I finished a band sampler RR piece from last year. After Christmas will be my time to do the finishing of the Sampler into a bell pull.


I just had to add the flowers and birds to the bottom tip area. Since there were six stitchers in the group I knew I needed 2 more birds. Instead of 4 fat friends it became 6 fat friends.

I also worked on another round of the Band Sampler RR for this year.


This is for Karen’s Sweetheart Tree Summer Band Sampler. It looks so pretty in person. All the colors are off in my picture.

Another girl in the lab that I work at is having a baby. I finished one of the gifts that I am knitting for her. The Rabbit and sweater, the blanket it not quite done yet.


I also finished a tunisian crochet washcloth, it is made out of a very soft yarn, Bamboo Silk so it is very soft and drapey.


I am just starting to learn some of the different stitches that are part of the tunisian crochet repertoire. I have been crocheting since I was 14 or 15 years old and I never tried this kind of crocheting before. Well I guess it is never too late to learn something new.

Well that is what I have finished since the last post. I have been working on a crop sweater for my daughter for Christmas which is about 2/3 done. It is a real fast knit although the directions were a bit difficult to decipher until I go used to them. I am also stitching on a project I started way back in January, Nora Corbett’s “R” also for my daughter but she will probably not get this until her next birthday.

No new RR’s for the new year. I just need a small break due to some stresses at home and work. I will try to get more of my own personal stitching, knitting and crocheting done in the New Year.

I may get another posting done before the new year, but if I don’t I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

Last day of May and I finally have time to post my WIPocalypse update.
I mostly worked on the Mira RR and a little on a band sampler RR which returned to me a couple months ago. I did some knitting but most of my time was taken up with moving to a new house and unpacking. Not alot of stitching but progress was made.

Here is the Christmas Reindeer themed Mira RR which I worked on for Sophia.

I stitched “Vixen”. Could not take a picture of the entire RR because my husband had the camera and he was in Vancouver,BC with my son. This image is a scan of what I stitched. I did not do the borders just the reindeer.

Mira RR 2nd Round

March 22, 2012

I finished my part of Catherine’s Rose themed Mira RR today. I stitched Rose of Sharon and I changed her dress to green at Catherine’s request. I also did a red hair conversion which I did not use for this RR.

And here is the entire RR so far:

I will probably send this out early next week because I will be moving in a few weeks. I wouldn’t want it to get packed away and not be able to find it.

My other stitching this week was my layout for the upcoming Band Sampler RR. It is coming along. I should have all the preliminary stitching done no later than the middle of next month.

Band Sampler RR 2011

February 15, 2012

This is the last round of the Band Sampler RR started last summer. It was great fun to stitch on all the different samplers. Each one was so unique. I stitched with a wonderful bunch of ladies and they are all such great stitchers. So here is the last bands for Michelle’s Band Sampler RR, her theme is autumn.

Here is the whole sampler. I wanted a different button for the bottom but I waited a bit too long to order it. So it was not here in time so I went with one already in my stash. It is a bit bigger than I wanted and Michelle can easily remove it if she doesn’t like it.

My next Band Sampler RR will start in May and so now I will have to get my supplies for that one. I chose to do an Indigo Rose theme because I love how all the samplers are a mixture of specialty stitches, blackwork and cross stitch. I am hoping that my Band Sampler will be the same although specialty stitches will not be required because not all stitchers like to do them.

Mirabilia RR round 1

February 9, 2012

I finished my part of Kathy’s Christmas Themed RR. I decided to do the Santa from Christmas Wishes. His beard is stitched with Whisper thread so it is a bit fluffy. Kathy’s total layout looks like a stained glassed window, I definitely want to see how this one turns out.

Now to stitch the final round of the Band Sampler RR from last year. I have been waiting for threads and buttons but they don’t seem to be coming soon so I might just start stitching with DMC for now, maybe the threads will arrive before I need to send it out and I can add the hand dyed thread stitches and the button I have ordered before it goes out. If the threads don’t arrive, I still have a couple options for threads at hand and a substitute button as well.

Mirabilia RR

January 18, 2012

Sent off my Mirabilia RR yesterday. It is a new one so this is the first mailing. My theme is Mira’s Ladies and I started stitching Elizabeth in my block.

The layout if it was completed has 8 staggered 50×50 stitch boxes and on top right and bottom left there are flowers along the edge and the titles for the RR. Here is a picture of the layout.

This is how it looked when I sent it out yesterday.

I received the first round of the RR today from Kathy and I can’t wait to start stitching on it. I also need to do my last round of a band sampler RR which started last year.

The only things I got done were the boxes and a bit of the flower border in the upper right corner. I couldn’t resist starting my Lady. She is Mira’s latest lady “Elizabeth”.

I received my first round of this RR from Kathy and I can’t wait to get started on it but I have the last round of the band Sampler RR which started last year to do first.