WIPocalypse and TUSAL updates for April

April 22, 2012

A bit late on my update for the WIPocalypse, but I think I have a good excuse. We moved into a new house about 2 1/2 weeks ago. So the last 4 -5 weeks we have been packing, cleaning and moving.

I do have a few things that I worked on this last month. First I finished a pair of baby booties

which will be given to a friend along with a blanket and toy. The blanket is coming along and the toy is knit but not put together yet.

These are my current knitting adventures.

My stitching adventures include:

1. a few more letters finished on my Medieval Sampler

2. a small amount done on one of my Crazy January Challenges, the Letter R for my daughter Rachel

3. more set up stitching for the Band Sampler RR which begins next month

4. a little more stitching on a mystery sampler that I started a couple months ago

5. the only stitching thing I finished this last month just before the move was my part in the Mira RR that I am currently working on

That is my update for the WIPocalypse.

My TUSAL is pitiful, mostly some yarn tails.

Lots more boxes to unpack and I can’t find all my stitching stuff yet, slowly but surely it will all get done.

Have a happy stitching day.


2 Responses to “WIPocalypse and TUSAL updates for April”

  1. Ginny Says:

    Your knitted booties are adorable and the blanket has a nice start. Love all of your WIP’s. Good luck with all of your un-packing and settling into your new home.

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