WIPocalypse Check-In for March

March 10, 2012

I am posting this a couple days late but work got in the way. I did not have a lot of progress on my project that I chose for this last month. I had decided to focus on a sampler I designed back in 2004 and of course it has been sitting unfinished since then. I was able to do a few more letters on my breaks at work. Even though I was not able to spend much time on it I still have a little progress and that is what this year is all about.

The other stitching projects I have been working on are a Mira RR and my set up for a Band Sampler RR that begins in May. I stitched a Santa from Christmas Wishes for Kathy’s Christmas themed Mira and now I am stitching the lady from Rose of Sharon for Catherine’s Rose themed Mira RR. My Band Sampler RR starting in May is based on Indigo Rose band sampler patterns. Whenever I do a band sampler I organize it to the nth degree. I usually have all the spaces planned out for all the stitchers. This is what I have done so far:

The other project I have been working on is a knitted baby blanket and booties for a lady at work who is due in May.

So a lot of stitching and knitting going on just not a lot on my designated WIPocalypse project.


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