Mira RR 2nd Round

March 22, 2012

I finished my part of Catherine’s Rose themed Mira RR today. I stitched Rose of Sharon and I changed her dress to green at Catherine’s request. I also did a red hair conversion which I did not use for this RR.

And here is the entire RR so far:

I will probably send this out early next week because I will be moving in a few weeks. I wouldn’t want it to get packed away and not be able to find it.

My other stitching this week was my layout for the upcoming Band Sampler RR. It is coming along. I should have all the preliminary stitching done no later than the middle of next month.



March 22, 2012

Here is my TUSAL photo for March:

A bunch of stitching this month, mostly on my Mira RR and next Band Sampler RR.

A small update

March 16, 2012

I have been sick all week. Stuck in bed since Sunday. Between bouts of fever and coughing I have gotten some stitching done. I worked some more on my May Band Sampler RR and a new SAL I just started with the Friendly Stitchers group called Dawn of Spring designed by Mouse.

The scroll work outline is done on the area that the other stitchers will use to stitch their bands on my Band Sampler. I will go back and backstitch the center of the scrolls with gold metallic thread. The center area will be for initials and the title of the Sampler and a flower will adorn the bottom center area.
Here it is so far:

The other project is the new SAL called Dawn of Spring. Here is part one stitched up:

I am using 28ct SW Mountain Mist fabric, Carrie’s Creation Pansy Splash thread, MH beads #03047 and also required is some silk ribbon which I have a pale pink organdy or pale lavender organdy ribbon to use when necessary (I haven’t decided which to use yet). I am now patiently waiting for the next part to come out.

If I feel well enough tomorrow it is back to work and my mini vacation was spent sick. Oh well, but I did get some uninterrupted stitching done.

I am posting this a couple days late but work got in the way. I did not have a lot of progress on my project that I chose for this last month. I had decided to focus on a sampler I designed back in 2004 and of course it has been sitting unfinished since then. I was able to do a few more letters on my breaks at work. Even though I was not able to spend much time on it I still have a little progress and that is what this year is all about.

The other stitching projects I have been working on are a Mira RR and my set up for a Band Sampler RR that begins in May. I stitched a Santa from Christmas Wishes for Kathy’s Christmas themed Mira and now I am stitching the lady from Rose of Sharon for Catherine’s Rose themed Mira RR. My Band Sampler RR starting in May is based on Indigo Rose band sampler patterns. Whenever I do a band sampler I organize it to the nth degree. I usually have all the spaces planned out for all the stitchers. This is what I have done so far:

The other project I have been working on is a knitted baby blanket and booties for a lady at work who is due in May.

So a lot of stitching and knitting going on just not a lot on my designated WIPocalypse project.