Day 10 and Day 11 Crazy January 2012 Challenge

January 11, 2012

Yesterday I stitched on Sampler au Bouquet part1. I am going to like stitching on this sampler because the colors are bright and cheerful ( much brighter than the pictures).

Today, I stitched on Best Friends part1. After I had started on the far right edge I thought it just did not look quite right and then I realized I had used the wrong color to stitch the border. I was stitching it with a pale pink which was hard to see on the fabric and it was supposed to be stitched with a medium brown color. How did I do that when the picture was clearly showing a darker color. Well, the pattern showed a symbol for the border if you did not look closely enough was similar to the pale pink color. This would not have been such a catastrophe but this pattern is stitched over 1 with 1 thread and pulling out the wrong stitches took longer than the actual stitching. I persevered and picked out all the wrong stitches and started over with the correct color. So my efforts today would have been much more but this is what I have stitched so far.

Starting something new each day for 15 days doesn’t sound so hard when you first think about it and decide that you can do it, but the doing is a little more difficult than expected. I will keep on going because once these first days are done I can go back to stitching as before. Now I know why it is called a Challenge!


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