Mirabilia RR

January 18, 2012

Sent off my Mirabilia RR yesterday. It is a new one so this is the first mailing. My theme is Mira’s Ladies and I started stitching Elizabeth in my block.

The layout if it was completed has 8 staggered 50×50 stitch boxes and on top right and bottom left there are flowers along the edge and the titles for the RR. Here is a picture of the layout.

This is how it looked when I sent it out yesterday.

I received the first round of the RR today from Kathy and I can’t wait to start stitching on it. I also need to do my last round of a band sampler RR which started last year.

The only things I got done were the boxes and a bit of the flower border in the upper right corner. I couldn’t resist starting my Lady. She is Mira’s latest lady “Elizabeth”.

I received my first round of this RR from Kathy and I can’t wait to get started on it but I have the last round of the band Sampler RR which started last year to do first.


The last day of new starts for this challenge. Now we will see how many I can complete by the end of this year.

My last start is Simple Abundance by Heart’s Content. It is stitched on 40ct silk gauze with silk thread. I have taken out my magnifying glass to stitch this one. Because it is stitched in tent stitch or half cross stitches only, the stitching is going quickly but the eyes tire quickly as well. This is what I accomplished this morning.

I had to find a dark background to make the stitching more visible. Being on silk gauze the entire piece is completely stitched. No blank areas.

From now on I will be posting only when I have some significant progress to show.

Day 14 – I chose to start a project that I am stitching as a gift for my sister. It is called Sister by Gail Bussi from a past issue of Just Cross Stitch Magazine. It is a colorful and delicate alphabet and it is going to be fun to stitch.
Here it is:

Not a lot of time to post today but here is my Thistle Sampler start. I started with the large thistle corner motif.

Day 12. I decided to do Awesome Autumn a pincushion pattern. This is probably the smallest of the patterns that I picked for this year. I have wanted to do this one for a very long time. I have all the seasons from the pincushion series, but I think the Autumn one is my favorite. I love the colors (autumn is my favorite season as well) and the types of stitches and motifs.
Here it is so far:

3 more days of craziness and 3 more new projects to start.

Yesterday I stitched on Sampler au Bouquet part1. I am going to like stitching on this sampler because the colors are bright and cheerful ( much brighter than the pictures).

Today, I stitched on Best Friends part1. After I had started on the far right edge I thought it just did not look quite right and then I realized I had used the wrong color to stitch the border. I was stitching it with a pale pink which was hard to see on the fabric and it was supposed to be stitched with a medium brown color. How did I do that when the picture was clearly showing a darker color. Well, the pattern showed a symbol for the border if you did not look closely enough was similar to the pale pink color. This would not have been such a catastrophe but this pattern is stitched over 1 with 1 thread and pulling out the wrong stitches took longer than the actual stitching. I persevered and picked out all the wrong stitches and started over with the correct color. So my efforts today would have been much more but this is what I have stitched so far.

Starting something new each day for 15 days doesn’t sound so hard when you first think about it and decide that you can do it, but the doing is a little more difficult than expected. I will keep on going because once these first days are done I can go back to stitching as before. Now I know why it is called a Challenge!

Several stitching projects in this post. They have all come together on the first full moon of the year.

1. WIPocalypse 2012 – a group created by a fellow stitcher to work on the multitudes of WIP’s that most of us have. I have totes full. So I decided to join and here is my work on Aunt Ina by Indigo Rose so far. I was able to get some of the satin stitching done on the center motif.



At least it is a start at completing some of my WIP’s.
Thanks Measi for giving me a jump start on finishing up my numerous WIP’s.

2. Day 8 and Day 9 Crazy January 2012 Challenge.

Day 8 is Peach Tree Cottage, I did half of the roof of the cottage.

Day 9 is Live,Love,Laugh and Be Thankful

Pretty good starts for this weekend stitching.

3. 2011 Band Sampler with the TWWRR group
This is my contribution to Sophia’s TW border Band Sampler. I decided to do the top border of Holly and Ivy Sampler since it was Christmas time when I received the RR. I love Teresa Wentzler band samplers because the borders are gorgeous.

Lots of stitching this last week and weekend.