The new year is coming ….

December 30, 2011

The new year is coming soon and I have made several commitments to stitch and knit which I want to chronicle on my blog. I know, I know, I have not been a consistent blogger by any means but with these commitments comes the responsibility of writing about them. So, this is the start of my 2012 blogging, a few days early.

This coming year I am in a Yahoo group called crazyjanuary2012 · Crazy January Challenge 2012,
it is a group of stitchers who will attempt to finish 15 projects in the next year. Those projects are started each day from Jan 1st to Jan 15th. During the year we are to post our progress with these projects and share our finishes. I have chosen for my 15 project challenge the following projects:

1. Above the Clouds – Teresa Wentzler

2. Be Thankful – Diane Arthurs

3. Peacock Moon – Ever So Little Designs

4. Sisters Forever – Marie Barber

5. Moonlight Garden – The Drawn Thread

6. Peach Tree Cottage – Little House Needleworks

7. An Humble Heart – Shepherd’s Bush

8. Simple Abundance – The Heart’s Content

9. Sampler Aux Bouquets – Jardin Prive

10. Best Friends – Stitch Me Club – Atelier Perdu

11. Houses of the Moon – Maggi Co’s Village

12. R – Nora Corbett

13. Treasured Tools Sewing Case – Erica Michaels

14. Awesome Autumn – Calico Crossroads

15. Thistle Sampler – M Designs

My choices include small to medium projects which I hope will be doable in 2012.

More about my 2012 stitching commitments will come in the next posting.


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