The new year is coming … (part 2)

December 30, 2011

Ran out of time yesterday, so will continue today with more information about the coming year’s stitching. The second year long stitching commitment I have is Measi’s WIPocalypse. This group is taking this next year to work on those projects which have been sitting around not finished for any length of time. I have 10 projects which I will work on this year and I have decided that when I am down to half I will than add another project to the list. A couple of the projects on my WIPocalypse list are almost finished so I might be adding to the list pretty soon. But of course I have the 2012 Jan crazies to stitch on as well. MY WIPocalypse list is:

1. Charmed Hearts – Shepherd’s Bush
I did this many years ago as a round robin and have never taken it
out to finish the last heart and bit of border.

2. Band Sampler Needlebook – Kandace Thomas
I am about half done with the stitching and this one has also been
sitting around for many years.

3. Toccata One – Drawn Thread
Started this one this year but with all the RR’s I did plus working more hours than I really like I stalled at about 10% done.

4. Tree of Hope – Mirabilia
Another project started this year and because of other stuff happening I just put it down.

5. Spruce Scissor Fob – The Heart’s Content
Another almost done project that was put down and almost forgotten.

6. Seasonal Samplings – Hillside Samplings
I don’t even remember when I started this one, so it definitely needs to get done.

7. My own design (Medieval style) sampler
I designed this one in 2004 and it is more than half done. I really should finish it so I can move on to another self designed sampler. I have a few of them.

8. Needlewoman Murder Mystery – Curtis Boehringer
This one came out many years ago and I did not even finish the first clue.

9. Sea Goddess – Joan Elliott
I started this one before moving out to Oregon from Minnesota and it was stashed in a closet and I found it again a month or two ago. I definitely want to finish this one.

10. Aunt Ina – Indigo Rose
Another long time WIP which is almost done.

Now for the rest of the stitching. I am going to participate in 2 RR’ this coming year. One is starting in January, Mirabilia RR, and the 2nd is starting in May, another Band Sampler RR. The Band Sampler RR I am working on now will be finished soon.

One last project I will be working on is the Take a stitch Tuesday (TAST) challenge which is at Sharonb’s Pin Tangle website.

I am optimistic that I will be able to keep up with everything this year.


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