Ran out of time yesterday, so will continue today with more information about the coming year’s stitching. The second year long stitching commitment I have is Measi’s WIPocalypse. This group is taking this next year to work on those projects which have been sitting around not finished for any length of time. I have 10 projects which I will work on this year and I have decided that when I am down to half I will than add another project to the list. A couple of the projects on my WIPocalypse list are almost finished so I might be adding to the list pretty soon. But of course I have the 2012 Jan crazies to stitch on as well. MY WIPocalypse list is:

1. Charmed Hearts – Shepherd’s Bush
I did this many years ago as a round robin and have never taken it
out to finish the last heart and bit of border.

2. Band Sampler Needlebook – Kandace Thomas
I am about half done with the stitching and this one has also been
sitting around for many years.

3. Toccata One – Drawn Thread
Started this one this year but with all the RR’s I did plus working more hours than I really like I stalled at about 10% done.

4. Tree of Hope – Mirabilia
Another project started this year and because of other stuff happening I just put it down.

5. Spruce Scissor Fob – The Heart’s Content
Another almost done project that was put down and almost forgotten.

6. Seasonal Samplings – Hillside Samplings
I don’t even remember when I started this one, so it definitely needs to get done.

7. My own design (Medieval style) sampler
I designed this one in 2004 and it is more than half done. I really should finish it so I can move on to another self designed sampler. I have a few of them.

8. Needlewoman Murder Mystery – Curtis Boehringer
This one came out many years ago and I did not even finish the first clue.

9. Sea Goddess – Joan Elliott
I started this one before moving out to Oregon from Minnesota and it was stashed in a closet and I found it again a month or two ago. I definitely want to finish this one.

10. Aunt Ina – Indigo Rose
Another long time WIP which is almost done.

Now for the rest of the stitching. I am going to participate in 2 RR’ this coming year. One is starting in January, Mirabilia RR, and the 2nd is starting in May, another Band Sampler RR. The Band Sampler RR I am working on now will be finished soon.

One last project I will be working on is the Take a stitch Tuesday (TAST) challenge which is at Sharonb’s Pin Tangle website.

I am optimistic that I will be able to keep up with everything this year.


The new year is coming ….

December 30, 2011

The new year is coming soon and I have made several commitments to stitch and knit which I want to chronicle on my blog. I know, I know, I have not been a consistent blogger by any means but with these commitments comes the responsibility of writing about them. So, this is the start of my 2012 blogging, a few days early.

This coming year I am in a Yahoo group called crazyjanuary2012 ยท Crazy January Challenge 2012,
it is a group of stitchers who will attempt to finish 15 projects in the next year. Those projects are started each day from Jan 1st to Jan 15th. During the year we are to post our progress with these projects and share our finishes. I have chosen for my 15 project challenge the following projects:

1. Above the Clouds – Teresa Wentzler

2. Be Thankful – Diane Arthurs

3. Peacock Moon – Ever So Little Designs

4. Sisters Forever – Marie Barber

5. Moonlight Garden – The Drawn Thread

6. Peach Tree Cottage – Little House Needleworks

7. An Humble Heart – Shepherd’s Bush

8. Simple Abundance – The Heart’s Content

9. Sampler Aux Bouquets – Jardin Prive

10. Best Friends – Stitch Me Club – Atelier Perdu

11. Houses of the Moon – Maggi Co’s Village

12. R – Nora Corbett

13. Treasured Tools Sewing Case – Erica Michaels

14. Awesome Autumn – Calico Crossroads

15. Thistle Sampler – M Designs

My choices include small to medium projects which I hope will be doable in 2012.

More about my 2012 stitching commitments will come in the next posting.