My semi annual blog update

July 13, 2010

I have done lots of needlework and knitting since my last update. Here are a few of my projects.


Needlebook exchange, for Mare

shawl for Carla

Travelling Woman Shawl for Carla

SYHO project

SYHO project

simple striped socks

Simple striped sock, w a

There are several other finished projects which I sent out to friends and family before taking photos mostly small projects like socks, dishcloths and ornaments. I have so many WIP’s going (socks, cross stitch items, etc) I can’t remember them all to name them. May another post for those.

Life for me is about the same. My husband and I are continuing to look for work, but it is tough going. The kids are having a pretty good summer playing with friends and we are taking small road trips to places close by to take the place of a vacation.
Long time friends are leaving the area and moving to Phoenix Az tomorrow and it makes me very sad. We have been getting together weekly for coffee, talk and stitching for 3-4 years. There were 5 ladies in the group, a representative of each decade, a woman in her 20’s, a woman in her 30’s, a woman in her 40’s, a woman in her 50’s(me), and a woman in her 60’s. We all get along so well and have so much fun every week laughing and talking and showing how much we have done on our personal projects each week. My friend will be sourly missed. But, technology is great and email is easy!
We plan on doing some sort of Round Robin between the 5 of us to keep the group spirit going. That should be a lot of fun.
Well until next time . . .


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