first stitchery finish

January 17, 2010

I finished Random Thoughts by Drawn Thread on the 13th of this month. It has been sitting around as a UFO for quite awhile. I did most of the stitching in 2003 but the outer border sat for along time.

Random Thoughts

All I have left to do is the finishing – the hemstitching to make it into a bellpull and put on the bellpull hardware.
I started the hemstitching today so when I finish this part I will put up another photo.


A Crocheting Fool

January 13, 2010

On Ravelry I joined:

and yesterday I sat down and decided I would start crocheting the January blocks, 2 12” blocks and a 6″ block. Well I just couldn’t stop crocheting until all 3 were done.
Here are the 3 January blocks:

Here are my stitching Projects that I want to finish:

1. Convents Herb Garden – Chatelaine
2. Anonymous Sampler – Chartmakers
3. Random Thoughts – Drawn Thread
4. Small Sampler #8 – Ewe & Eye & Friends
5. Noel Bellpull – Victoria Sampler
6. Forever Spring – Jazzbird Designs
7. Beekeeper’s Cottage – Shepherd’s Bush
8. Bo Peep Sampler – Threads Through Time
9. Acorns and Threads – Barrick Samplers
10. Medieval Sampler
11. Charmed Hearts – Shepherds Bush
12. Winter Snows – Creative Reflections
13. Book of Ink Circles – Ink Circles
14. 17th Century Irish Garden – Liz Turner Diehl

There are many others but these are some of the ones that are still here in the house. Half my stash is still in storage until the house gets sold.

My knitting/crochet projects are:

1. Travelling Woman shawl
2. September Harvest socks
3. Counterpane socks
4. Luna Moth shawl
5. Lyra socks
6. Casablanca shawl

These are most of my knitting wips. I joined the 10 shawls in 2010 Ravelry group and I will also be adding the 10 shawls to my List
I have 3 planned already – Multnomah, Damson, Heart to Heart

My current rotation is:

1. Random Thoughts
2 Convents Herb Garden
3. Knitting 1
4. Bo Peep Sampler
5. Winter Snows
6. Knitting 2
7. Anonymous Sampler

I work on each project 2 hours minimum and 10 hours maximum before moving on to the next project in the rotation.