What has been going on in the last 6 months or so.

November 26, 2009

There has been so much going on that it is really hard to know where to begin. I guess I should update my blog more than twice a year.

First: I finished my Web Design Degree in May. Yeah!!!!
But, I lost my job at the school because I am not a student any longer.
I have been looking since May for a job and nothing has come up so far. A couple of interviews but no job yet.

Second: My husband also lost his job, so we are both out of work. Not so good!!

Third: We now have our house up for sale, but of course right now the market is very bad.
A good thing has come of this though, I have had to really organize my knitting and cross stitch stash and supplies. I have had to de-clutter as well. Very good Thing!!!! But, I had to put 2/3 of my stash in storage. Sad Weepy Face 😦

Fourth: Since I do not have a job, I have had more time to work on my projects. I have done a lot of knitting and cross stitch lately. Getting back on track with some old (big) projects and starting and finishing several smaller projects. I finished up a couple pairs of socks that were just hanging out on my needles, I started and finished a really nice little shoulder shawlette (Ishbel). I am making lots of Christmas gifts and many are finished. Cross stitching ornaments to go along with some knitted gifts. Sets of washcloths which I made to go with some bath salts I also made; I then tied them up with a cross stitched ornament on top and put them all in a cute little basket which can sit on a corner of the bathtub or sink area. I will take some pictures later this week.
Right now I am working on 2 lace scarves, one for my mother-in-law which is a Orenburg Lace pattern and Travelling Woman Shawl/scarf for my sister. Both projects are working up pretty fast.
I am making myself some fingerless mittens with some yarn I received from one of the yarn clubs I am in. I never made mitts before and I like them a lot.
I have been using up my stash (the stash I still have in my house) to do these projects. That is a VERY VERY GOOD THING!!!!

All in all things are pretty good. I am trying to stay as positive as I can about the job situation, because I know that something will come along eventually. Meanwhile lots of crafting to be done! Yeah!!!


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