Today I did a little gardening. But I mostly worked on some cross stitching projects.

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May 21, 2009

Not Much of Blogger am I?

I seem to get to this blog maybe once or twice a year.

But, now hopefully I will have more time to write my thoughts.  I just graduated from Ridgewater College with an AAS in Web Design and am now just looking for a job.   More time to knit, stitch and blog.

A couple of finishes last week.  I made a baby sweater, baby socks and baby hat for a friend who is about to give birth any day now.  You can see pictures of them on my Flickr account.

Just got a new home desktop computer and my old files are not all downloaded onto this computer yet.  I will get around to it some day, I guess.

This summer I plan to do some designing for cross stitch and knitting, so I hope to show those projects off here as well.

Back to job hunting!