A couple of happy dances today!

July 29, 2008

I finished my Tidal Wave socks last night and today I knit a cute dishcloth which I am calling Fiesta Stripes.

My Tidal Wave socks

My Tidal Wave socks

I love these socks. I wore them today and they are so comfortable.

My next sock project will be for my daughter Rachel. She needs more socks, so I better get going!

Fiesta Stripes dishcloth

Fiesta Stripes dishcloth

Such a fast cloth to knit up. It took me only a couple hours. I love all the colors!!!

Another thing I finished day before yesterday was a swatch for the Secret of the Stole iii Yahoo group. The KAL actually starts Aug 15th but the swatch pattern was posted last week. I am using Jagerspun Zephyr in White on size 3 needles and gold beads. The swatch shows blue beads as well but I think I will use the gold beads in this project.

Secret of the Stole iii Swatch

Secret of the Stole iii Swatch

Other stitching done today was all practical. Sewing hems in pants, putting patches on Boy Scout and Girl Scout shirts.

I can’t seem to go a day without needles of some sort in my hands. But I’m not complaining!


One Response to “A couple of happy dances today!”

  1. Your swatch looks fabulous! Great job! 10 days and counting…

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